Joshua Otten spent the last 20 years as a trailblazing developer of premium entertainment, builder of digital media platforms, and creator of content marketing solutions. He assists entrepreneurs in building successful brands, planning for exits and liquidity events, and navigating capital formation. As a founder or board member in companies that have successfully raised more than $60MM in capital investments, Joshua helps businesses overcome the challenges around securing investments in retail and private equity capital markets by reviewing and consulting on funding vehicles. Working with more than 60 startups since 2009, he's focused on growth stage companies for the last decade serving in board and/or advisory capacities as a hybrid Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and hybrid brand storytelling expert to create go-to-market strategies and content-driven marketing solutions.
In 2015, he founded PRØHBTD as the Chief Content Officer where he developed, produced and creatively directed 18 different shrives and shows across a variety of formats on more than 18 networks and platforms. Via partnerships on Postmedia, Dailymotion and Pluto TV, content was distributed on proprietary channels of AppleTV, Roku and Amazon Prime. He also discovered new talent, developed original IP and helped launch the world’s first cannabis-focused, content-driven shopping platform, the Stash Shopping Network. As the Head of Brand Marketing Strategies, Joshua worked directly with various U.S. and Canadian cannabis and hemp companies to develop brand marketing strategies including: 22Red, CannTrust, Canopy Growth, Moxie, Precision Extraction, DNA Genetics, Greenland Holdings, Défoncé, MagicalButter and many more.
In 2019, Joshua founded and launched RONIN Content and SOCIAL CLUB TV with prolific Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Berner, owner and founder of the lifestyle cannabis brand Cookies.

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Shelley Madison has more than a decade of experience in the media industry with a focus on creative partnerships, storytelling and content production. 

Working as both an Executive Producer and Producer, Shelley has collaborated on films with Academy Award-winning actors and directors including James Franco, Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, Werner Herzog and more. Her experience in the film industry also includes VFX production and International Distribution; managing business affairs and overseeing worldwide sales and acquisitions.

In 2017, when Canada became the first industrialized nation to legalize cannabis, Shelley joined Los Angeles-based cannabis media company PRØHBTD as Senior Producer to help launch their Canadian division. 

In her current role as Chief Creative Officer for Ronin, Shelley continues to help companies such as Canopy Growth share their stories and communicate with patients and consumers in a regulated market.

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Jason Rhude is veteran cannabis specialist with extensive expertise in the California, U.S. and Canadian markets. Having spent two decades scaling startups in traditional markets and the last five years focused primarily on development nascent cannabis business, he cultivates an intricate knowledge of all sides of the plant spectrum—from cultivation to consumption. Leading with credibility and integrity, he’s consulted with hundreds of licensed and non-licensed cannabis companies around the world effectively creating branding and marketing strategies for legal medical and adult use.